Hi, I'm Sam.

Well-seasoned and steeped in best practices, I am a dependable Internet software developer with 27 years of experience.

I enjoy using Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, HTML5, CSS, SASS, HAML, PERL. I host on AWS, including EC2 containers, Route53 configuration, RDS, SES, etc.

I take deadlines seriously and enjoy working with teams who prioritize high quality delivery of reliable, tested Internet applications.

Sam pictured with his wife Becky

For my work history and technology proficiencies, please see my LinkedIn profile.



One site for information about all cannabis products, stores and brands in Northern California. Integrating data from store websites that use: Dutchie, IHeartJane, Meadow, Sweed, Tymber, Weedmaps.

Dharma Trading Co.
1996 - Present

In 1996, I built a website as a collection of HTML pages. (check the wayback machine). In Spring of 1999, a custom-built ecommerce shopping cart application using PERL CGI was added. This application is based loosely on the design of AllCommerce, a software application designed by Rob Ferber, one of the founders of Etoys.

In 2003, the warehouse software was replaced by a custom PERL CGI application. The warehouse application handles all aspects of fulfillment including inventory management, customer management and customer communications.

A custom-built bulk mailing application was added in June 2004. Dharma Trading Co. currently sends over 800,000 opt-in marketing emails per month via AWS SES.

Escama Studio Production Management
2009 - Present

In 2014, I built a PERL/CGI application to help manage overseas production for Escama Studio. This application featured a bilingual interface, supporting English and Spanish. This software continues to help manage production in Brazil.

Coding Workshops for Kids

In 2013, I facilitated a workshop for elementary school students. Enrollment was open to any student in the district grade four or above. To gain interest, I offered to include details about setting up a Minecraft server, which was very exciting for the target audience. Course materials are available here.


Gleans.org is a work in progress as of March 2023. This application will provide logistical support for surplus food gleaning and distribution. This is a not-for-profit, public-benefit personal project.

Random Chapters of the Tao Te Ching

For as long as I can remember, I've carried a copy of The Tao Te Ching in my backpack. The book is a gift from my step-father, received when I was a young adult. On breaks from work, I turn to a random page and read the chapter that presents itself. I like to use the content of the Tao when I experiment with new technology. Below are some examples: